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Sashless Windows Adelaide


Sashless Windows Adelaide

The contemporary sashless window is the latest and most innovative style addition to ArborCrest’s aluminium window collection. This windows benefit are instantly obvious, unobtrusive glass, increased ventilation due to double simultaneous functioning openings, multiple frame options and security of style at a standard level. The configuration styles available will no doubt suit any domestic or commercial needs.

Exclusive to ArborCrest is our Pro range of products. What this allows you to do is to create a door and a window in one. Our sashless window fits neatly into one or as many bifold door panels as you choose.


What this means for you is that on a day to day basis you will use the sashless as you would a normal window, just to let ventilation into your home, but when you require space for entertaining, you are able to completely open up the bifold door for an uninterupted inside and outside flow. Also, don’t be concerned about flyscreens for the sashless window in your door, we can offer both flyscreens or Invisi-gard security screens to your windows as well as our market leading retractable screen for your bifold door.


Why should I choose aluminium sashless windows over other standard styles?

  • It looks like a clear picture window as there are no obvious horizontal aluminium bars
  • Glazed in 6mm clear toughened safety glass as a standard rather than float glass
  • Greater height and width range especially when fit inside our 101 x 45mm commericial frame
  • Greater air flow allowing cross ventilation in a room
  • Sashless windows can be inserted into french door panels and bifold doors
  • Perfect for wet areas
  • Can be made either counter balanced or used as a servery in a single hung stylect
  • Perfect for all home styles from classic contemporary to ultra modern


Available in the following frames:

  • 48mm wide frame domestic frame
  • 101 x 45mm commercial frame
  • 101 x 25mm commercial frame
  • 76 x 35 commercial frame

Sashless Windows features:

  • 6mm clear toughened safety glass
  • keyed sash lock suitable for locking in either closed or vented positions
  • clear unobtrusive glass giving sense of space and light
  • Improves air-conditioning and ventilation requirements
  • Clear acrylic handle
  • Removable bugstrip weather seal

Design options:

  • Continuous lift handle
  • Flyscreen or Invisi-Gard security screens available with commercial frame applications
  • Suitable for new homes or replacement of old windows
  • Suited to Commercial applications
  • Double glazing with 18mm insulated glass unit
  • Energy efficient glass
  • Single or double hung
  • Raked head
  • Perfect for servery
  • Will fit into any timber or aluminium frame work


Aluminium Sashless Window as a Servery


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