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What is the benefit if I choose the Awning Window?

The Awning Window offers the most efficient sound and thermal properties and is especially designed for high wind and weather environments. As each awning window sash is fitted with a double seal, you can feel assured that once this window is closed, there is no room for hot or cold air to filter in. It is also the safest standard window suite to choose from as once the sash is shut tight, it is sealed securely.


How does its appearance differ from other windows?

The face of the ArborCrest awning window has a solid heavy duty appearance. Therefore you are achieving the look of a commercial range product but only paying for a residential one. The entire awning panel opens and therefore there is only 1 piece of glass in the centre and the aluminium frame around the outside, giving the appearance of a fixed picture window.


Are ArborCrest Awning Windows suited to window replacements in Adelaide?

Yes, especially if you are trying to change the appearance of your home. It is also a beneficial choice for small toilet and bathroom replacements as it provides maximum glass and airflow capabilities.


Everyone is interested in Energy Efficient windows. How does the Awning window compare?

The Awning window, like all of our ArborCrests windows can be fit with energy efficient glass and double glazed units and therefore we can meet whatever energy efficiency rating you need to achieve. We also offer an awning style in our 6 star Thermal Break Windows that will be sure to meet your requirements, if greater thermal effectiveness is what you are looking for.


Aluminium Awning Windows features:

  • A fully enclosed finger-tip control chain winder allows sash operation without removing the flyscreen
  • Flyscreens wired in fibreglass flywire
  • A lockable security winder is also available
  • Invisi-Gard security screen option available
  • A continuous sash hinge at the head is incorporated within the design of the frame
  • Double glazed panels are optional
  • Energy efficient and tinted glass options are available


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