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Energy Efficient Windows

ArborCrest can provide its customers with a wide range of energy efficient glass products. Whether it be a single or double glazed unit, there is a glass option to help you meet your energy report requirements.


What is the benefit of having double glazed windows and doors?

Double glazed units stop heat transfer from the outside in. When used effectively you can achieve up to 30% reduction in heating and cooling costs. The most effective double glazed unit has proven to consist of between a 12mm to 13mm air space, no more, no less. Unlike single glazed units, maximum energy efficiency is achieved when a carefully selected units is fitted into a wide commercial frame.


One of the many options we suggest to gain great thermal benefit, in a double glazed unit, is to use Low E Glass. Using Low E Glass enhances insulation and provides additional solar control. It keeps your home warm in winter by keeping the heat indoors and cool in summer by keeping the heat outdoors. This is done by adding a special coating to the glass which reduces the transfer of heat or cold through the glass. The main attributes to this are SHGC (solar heat gain coefficiency) and Uvalue.


SHGC (solar heat gain coefficiency)

This refers to the amount of solar energy directly transmitted and absorbed solar energy that enters the building. The value is normally between 0 and 1. The lower the number the better the solar control.



This refers to the insulation between outside and inside, through the glass. The value is normally between 0 and 1. The lower the number the better the insulation.


Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows


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