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ArborCrest is excited to introduce the fabulous louvre window to our Adelaide customers. Unlike the old, dated louvre windows, ours are chic, stylish, stunning, safe and amongst all, the only rated louvre unit in todays market that is also Australian made!


Don’t be concerned about wind whistling through the glass, the patented living hinge ensures they seal more completely than any other louvre window and have been given a 60% better air infiltration rating than a standard window.


The impressive breezeway louvre window design used by ArborCrest allows for multiple uses and suits a huge range of locations, for example, entire walls spanning rooms or hallways, stairwells, voids, pool enclosures, verandah enclosures, sun rooms, highlights, sidelights and much more. Use them in a well designed room to maximise cross ventilation or in a laundry to prevent wall streaking or mould build up from tumble dryer condensation.


Our Adelaide customers love having the choice of installing louvre windows into their bifold door panels also.


We call it the combination door and window. You have the use of the bifolds stacking capability for entertaining but for daily use when the door is closed, you are able to open the louvre window to allow air to flow into your home. This offers you the best of both worlds, who said that you couldn’t have it all!


Standard louvre window features:

  • Installed into 125mm platinum frame
  • Tight wind and water seal due to patented living hinge and drainage channel design
  • 6mm toughened safety glass with Flat Edge Polish- 102mm or 152mm blades
  • Tailor made to inpidual requirements
  • Ergonomically curved handle
  • Advantage of partial or full opening positions
  • Various handle heights and locations
  • 6 year warranty on galleries

Design options:

  • Glass, timber or aluminium blades
  • Electric opening available
  • Low profile handle
  • Extendible rod
  • Flyscreens
  • Security screens
  • Keyed locks
  • Grey and white translucent glass


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****Please note, ArborCrest will generally not quote on any small projects, ie 1-4 window replacements or any repair work.*****


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