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EC55 Bi-Fold





Aluminium thermal break window EC55


This range of Bi-Folding Doors and Servery Windows can be configured to make 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 panels doors and windows.


Features & Benefits


Bi-Fold opening system
 Increased airflow and greater control of ventilation
 Multi-position locking for added strength and security
 Efficient thermal insulation
 Maximum wind and water tightness
 High acoustic insulation
 Energy savings
 Low maintenance
 Long lasting & corrosion resistant
 Beauty and design


Range Configuration


2 Panel
 3 Panel
 2 + 1 Panel
 4 Panel
 2 + 2 Panel
  3 + 1 Panel
 5 Panel
 3 + 2 Panel
 3 + 3 Panel
 6 Panel
 7 Panel
 4 + 3 Panel


Technical Data


Euroaluminium accessories are specifically designed/selected for use with Euro Collection window/doors and are made from premium materials for optimum reliability, performance and safety. Standardisation and clever design have resulted in the minimum number of accessories to manufacture the maximum range of window/doors.


Gaskets are made from black EPDM extrusions to achieve the highest performance possible. Windows/Doors have a triple seal including a central gasket that divides the existing air chamber between the fixed frame and the opening sash.

Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles are made from 6063 alloy, with limited composition tolerances and are suitable for anodising or powder coating. This unique window/door system has interchangeable non-thermal and thermal break profiles. The mass, paint perimeter (PP), profile perimeter (P), moments of intertia (JX & JY) can be provided upon request.


The Euro Collection accomodates glazing or panels with thickness ranging from 4 to 25.2mm. The Euro Collection can accomodate all types of single glazing & double glazing options.

Surface Finishing

The sections can be anodised or powdercoated. The finish is a hard wearing and highly durable surface coating and has been designed to withstand harsh Australian climate, including sea spray. It is available in a large range of colours.

Tested & Guranteed

Rigorous laboratory tests guarantee the highest quality and performance of the ‘Euro Collection’. Manufactured using the most sophisticated technology, durable aluminium profiles and high quality fittings. The Euro Collection complies with Australian Standards, also with AWA – Australian Window Association and WERS – Window Energy Rating Scheme.


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