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Sliding Multi-stack Doors in Athelstone

Take a look at June’s Project of the Month.


The Brief the client gave was to open up their space. This was to be achieved by installing 2 operable doors that enhanced the stunning view of their foot hill setting.


This was more than a simple sliding door design, as both sets of doors were required to meet with each other in the corner of the room, so that when stacked back, it would open up the room to the proposed new outside deck, with an un interrupted view of the beautiful Australian Flora.


From this brief, we established the best product to use would be an ArborCrest commercial multistack sliding door. By using the multistack door in the clients home, they would benefit from not losing valuable space inside or out, as this allowed a sleek and stream line look, that wouldn’t detract from the overall look.


After much discussion, between ArborCrest and our engineering team, we came up with the solution to have a functional multidirectional door, to enable active doors to slide at each end.


We were also able to house the smaller side sliding doors hidden in a cavity to create an even greater sense of space and opening on that side. We used a grey laminated glass with the commercial sliding doors to give the client some much needed relief from direct sunlight during the warmer months.


This transformation has now given our client a wonderful feel of immense space in their living area, and allowed them to enjoy their stunning view.


By working together we were able to achieve the uninterrupted flow our client was after, and create an easy transition from inside to out. The sliding doors now transition perfectly into an enjoyable outdoor area perfect for relaxing, or entertaining, which allows them to have their very own view of nature.