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College Park Full Home Transformation

Our project of the month was part of a full home transformation 


The customer at College Park completed an ensuite renovation with their main priority being allowing as much natural light and air into the room as possible. The other concern that they had was the fact that their neighbour’s house was only 2 metres away from this window and noise transfer had been an issue. By cleverly selecting a commercial awning window we were able to satisfy all of their needs along with using a 25mm double glazed unit to keep out the noise as well as to help the room maintain a comfortable temperature. The Awning window is the most amazing to use in this type of installation. 


In the kitchen, our customer wanted to open up access to their side courtyard so when they were entertaining they could feel like the kitchen and outdoors were better connected. Unfortunately, they could not increase the size of their opening so to help achieve this feel we installed a 2 panel, commercial Bifold window. The best benefit of the Bifolding windows and doors is that once they are open you achieve the greatest amount of uninterrupted, open space, compared to any other product. We also installed our ArborCrest Sashless windows into the openings so that the customer could keep the room ventilated while the Bifold window was closed. The Sashless window is great as it gives a great flow of air without breaking up your view to the outside. 


The shower alcove in the second bathroom has a commercial fixed glass window installed with awning windows to the highlight to allow continual ventilation. Toughened, translucent safety glass has been glazed in for privacy whilst not limiting any natural light to flow through this room. The external view from the customer’s back yard shows the second bathrooms translucent commercial fixed window and Awnings, as well as displaying the privacy achieved from a frosted glass. 


The other main feature of this space was the door enlargement. We removed the old timber hinged doors which only allowed a double door opening for access from inside to outside and replaced with our ArborCrest signature Bifold door. We designed the panels to all open toward the outside wall to allow maximum opening area which in turn creates a greater sense of space. This door was also installed with our ArborCrest retractable screen to keep out all of the nasty flies and bugs. At first the customer didn’t think the screen was a necessary inclusion but after explaining that it would allow for greater functionality of the Bifold door, with the screen included, they decided to proceed with it and now feel it was one of the best additions they could have ever made. The Bifold door is a fantastic door option to choose, as it can act as a basic single access door for daily use and then can be opened completely for entertaining and to create that amazing connection from inside to out. 


Another crucial requirement front the customer was that they wanted to increase the natural light flowing into the back area of their home. The original small timber window, in what was originally a pool table room but is now a dining room, looked quite pocky and just far too small for this space. We decided to widen the opening and cut down to the floor to allow the client to fit a large door instead of the small window. We decided on our ArborCrest commercial sliding door for 2 reasons. Firstly, it allows amazing air flow when the sliding panel is open as well as access to the side of the house and secondly, when the doors are closed, they give the effect of it just being 2 large picture windows instead. This product is always a double bonus all round and has now created a bright, airy, inviting space that flows better with the rest of the home.


At a later stage we also removed a fixed timber windows and replaced it with our commercial hinged door. As the house itself is quite small it was important that we tried to create a greater feeling of space by allowing more exit points throughout the home, whilst also welcoming the quaint courtyard spaces around the home, inwards. When this door is open it also allows for a beautiful flow of air to enter the home, which was not possible when the window was fixed. 


Lastly, we removed the other existing timber French doors and replaced with 2 panel Bifold doors to once again increase the feeling of openness in the home, for both living and entertaining, as well as keeping the uniformity of products in balance. Our ArborCrest Sashless windows replaced fixed windows so that air flowed from all points in the home. 


The customer has now achieved a space that feels larger, brighter, more welcoming and has better flow from inside to outside. They now have an entertainer’s home which is what they have always dreamt about.