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ArborCrest Internal Pivot Door St Peters

ArborCrest has recently worked with these amazing clients to help finish off their 1900’s home renovation. 


Our customer was keen to bring everything in this home into the current day but still keeping some of the heritage finishes in tack. Together we decided to introduce black bold aluminium window frames that are striking against the stark white paintwork. The style of the window replacement that we decided to use was our ArborCrest Sashless window. As the size of windows in this style home are usually quite small and narrow we wanted to make sure that our customer would get maximum airflow and light from each window unit and therefore there is nothing better than a Sashless window for this requirement. We also wanted to keep the vertical hung style as this was a common window used during the time this home would have been built. ArborCrest was also asked to install a frameless glass pivot door between their lounge room and hallway to a couple of bedrooms. 


Our internal glass doors are a great addition to any home. They do a great job of separating spaces so they feel more cozy and private and help reduce noise at the same time. This door was a statement piece of this home with the homeowner receiving regular compliments from their guests. 


White translucent glass was used in our Sashless Windows in the wet areas to allow the customer privacy as well as reducing the need to have any window furnishings installed.


The narrow bedroom Sashless windows provide a very clean, sleek appearance and teamed with safety glass as a standard, you will certainly sleep better at night. The client also asked for ArborCrest to select a window for their front elevation that would help to reduce the road noise. We selected our double glazed commercial awning windows as they seal very tightly. The Awning window is a beautifully clean looking window and was a perfect choice for this elevation.