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Aluminium Windows and Doors Seacliff

The original windows and doors of the house did not offer much in the way of energy efficiency and were starting to rust. Our customer was also desperate to enhance their sea views, which were currently being blocked by tinted glass, internal walls and too many window and door frames. 


After visiting the property to discuss the different solutions available, it was suggested that our client visit our showroom at Stepney to view our full range of doors. The ArborCrest showroom has been designed to feel like you are in a home, so that our customers are able to get a realistic view of what their Bifold door or Multistack door, as in this situation, looks and feels like in an actual lounge setting. 

The original idea for the upstairs lounge was to remove the columns and insert our ArborCrest Bi-fold door. After some discussion, we had agreed that the bi-fold doors also seemed to interrupt the view, as we would require more panels to fill in the size of the area compared to an alternative door style. More door panels means more aluminium framing. Hence, we came up with the better solution to use our Multi-stack sliding door instead, which gave us the flexibility to only use three sliding door panels, each at 1.8meters wide. This had now completely satisfied the customers brief. 

ArborCrest also seamlessly integrated our retractable screen into the clients’ renovation, so that they will be able to enjoy year round air flow and maximize the use of their door without the hassle of flies and bugs entering their home. 

Alongside the lounge room door was a dining window which we replaced with a two panel aluminium Bifold door also with our inbuilt retractable screen. The Bifold door installation now means that our customer has gained the full opening of that door area, to not only enjoy the breeze but also the sunset while dining. The benefit of a Bifold door is that when the panels are open they stack together taking up minimal space out of your total opening span, therefore, giving you the feeling that there may be no door there at all. 

All of our ArborCrest products were installed with Double glazed, low-e 366 glass, no tinting required.This double glazed unit offers great energy efficiency during the winter months by keeping heat in the home and during the summer time to keep the head out, it also has the added benefit of soundproofing.