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4 Different Options for Your Home’s Windows

Your home’s windows are one of the most distinct features of your home, both from the exterior as well as the interior. They are essential to protecting your home from potential burglary, increasing energy efficiency, and improving the value of your greatest investment. Windows have an incredible amount of importance, so naturally they should be paramount to every homeowner considering a home improvement project.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when thinking about new improved replacement windows. Here are five options that will add to making your home look great and improve its value and efficiency.

  1. Tinted Glass Ordering new windows with a quality tinted glass is ideal to reduce the sun, heat and UV light that enters your home as well as the solar heat. Tinted window glass is recommended for all windows if reducing the harsh warmth and glare from the sun is your goal, especially for the larger windows and sliding doors. These larger glass surfaces are the primary culprits for allowing dangerous and damaging heat and sunlight into the home.A tinted glass unit will also add to reducing your monthly energy bills for air conditioning, protect your home’s interior contents, as well as reduce the sun exposure on your family and pets.
  2. Soundproofing Ambient neighbourhood noise from your neighbours, traffic, barking dogs, and more can create many sleepless nights for you or for your young, sensitive sleepers. There are several different methods you can use to reduce exterior noise from entering your home through its windows and doors. First and foremost the type of glass that is selected to be used in your new windows and doors must be designed for this purpose of sound reduction. The most efficient method with the greatest result would be to add double glazed glass units to your greatest noise affected areas, while maintaining a natural window appearance.
  3. Aluminium Aluminium is a much lighter and durable material than traditional window timber. They are better suited to deal with harsh environments, including unrelenting sun, heavy winds, and torrential rainfall. Aluminium windows are also easier to open and close because they are less likely to warp or expand to become stuck.
  4. Screens Window screens serve a lot of different roles, depending on the type of screen added to your window. Some of their most useful functions include:
    • Insect barrier
    • Home intrusion protection
    • Protection against debris and storms

    These screens above will vary in cost. An anti-burglary screen will be composed of a much tougher, resilient mesh than one designed solely to keep out pests. Window screens can also be designed to open and close like the actual window, as well.

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